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- Cummings Blasts Government

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress ANC for shot Alexander Benedict Cummings has blasted the CDC led government for not taken action to curb corruption in government.
The ANC bigman spoke on Thursday on a local radio station in Monrovia.
According to him, officials of government are looting the wealth of the country while the majority of the people continue to suffer. The ANC political leader described the economic situation in the country as unfortunate, and likened it to a situation where someone is asked to fill an old bucket that is profusely leaking.
“The country’s economy is experiencing hardship and officials of government are taking the scared resources for themselves, which reminds me of a leaking bucket that is to be filled with water,” Cummings said. “The first to do is to stop corruption in government,” he said.
The Liberian politician said he has on many occasions suggested solutions to the government but no action has been taken to relief the people from the hardship they are experiencing under the Weah led Coalition’s Government that was elected with a popular mandate of more 61% of the total vote cast in the 2017 presidential elections.
The Coalition of Democratic Change of former soccer legend President George M. Weah campaigned on the mantra of charge from political decadence to one that restores hope to the people who they said deserve better from their government. But this government has come under serious attacks for corruption and inefficiency, since its inception about one year ago.
The Government has time without number repeatedly refuted all allegations levied against it by the opposition. President Weah has said his government is committed to improving the living conditions for the people.
The Government in recent time imported and sold 80, 000 bags of rice at a subsidized price during the festive seasons and has also earmarked 3 million US dollars stimulus package for Liberian owned businesses.
Cummings is meanwhile calling on the government to hire more competent Liberians in government and improve the tax regime and regulatory framework to ensure a business friendly environment, especially for Liberians.
“The government needs to revisit the regulatory framework including the tax regime to encourage more investment because our country has an import based economy, so our policy supposed to attract more business people to import in the country”, Cummings said.
He said, “The government is the biggest procurer in the Country, though that has not change for the private sector to play that role, so it needs to purchase more from Liberians to satisfy the circular demand of cash flow in the economy.” The circular demand theory simply says when the government empowers its citizens; the citizens will in return pay tax to government.
President Weah is expected on the 4th working Monday, which will be January 28, 2019, to deliver a State of the Nation Address, according to the Liberian constitution, in a joint chamber at the National Legislature after a year at the helm of power as President. President Weah in similar address to the nation immediately when he took power from former President Sirleaf, said he inherited a broken economy and a brooked country. Liberians will be listening to hear their leader layout steps their government has taken to amend the unfavorable circumstance he inherited. Will the hardship improve in the coming months, well, that is the change Liberians hope.